What is an Orthopedic injury?


  • Injuries to the muscle, including muscle tears, strains, sprains and tendonitis
  • Injuries to the bone, such as fractures, stress fractures, and bone defects
  • Injuries to the joints of the spine and extremities

How is Manual Therapy provided?


Manual therapy is a hands-on intervention that our NYS licensed physical therapist provides one-on-one.  The physical therapist will assess joint mobility and muscle strength to the injured joint.  Other techniques may be used including massage, stretching and deep pressure.  Combined, this approach will increase mobility and normal movement patterns. 

"Thank you so much for restoring my foot. It means a great deal to me to be able to continue my active life, pain-free." ~ Norma B.

At Physical Therapy Options we place a strong emphasis on manual therapy techniques for treatment of all musculoskeletal injuries, as well as pre- and post surgical rehabilitation.  We keep your individual needs in mind and individualize your program to relieve pain, improve strength and restore function and mobility.